The Lord is good!

It has been a calm week post-COVID. We are thankful that only Micah ended up getting it and the isolation tactics that we put in place worked. Praise the Lord! 

Last week Markus had his fifth round of chemo and because we were still in isolation, we made provisions for Markus’ friend James to accompany him for the hospital stay. Turns out it was a good experience for them both. The fact that Markus is surrounded by a wholesome group of friends is heart-warming for us as a family for sure!

Markus’ body needed a fair bit of rest following the fifth round, but that did not prevent his brain from generating ideas. “We might buy a boat,” he said. And no sooner had he the energy to get out of the house, him and a few buddies did just that – they went and bought a little rowboat for themselves. 😊 In the spirit of living every day to the fullest we think it’s a great idea too!

This week Markus has had enough energy to keep up on his schoolwork, and even work a few days with his aunt Charis. There are times when we look at him and are in complete amazement that he even has cancer! We certainly embrace the good days, especially not knowing what God has planned for future ones. Although, some of that is starting to take shape.

Next week is the sixth, and last round before Markus goes through a whole series of scans and tests to see where things are at with the multiple tumors throughout his body. We are praying that the intense treatment has resulted in knocking them back considerably, but we are preparing for anything. Markus’ team of oncology doctors will assess the results and formulate a plan for what’s next. Dr. Rod has told us that it will be either radiation, surgery, or a combination of both. Following this there will be more chemotherapy treatment similar to what Markus has been having since the beginning of March.

“Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good! Blessed is the man who takes refuge in him!” (Psalm 34:8)

Taking the boat for a run up the river!
Resting up at home post-treatment
Quality time with quality friends