COVID and Cancer

Yup, COVID has come to our house too. So far quarantine has been pretty good, but, obviously the worst part is the whole not leaving part. We have had it a couple times that we want to go down to the store for some food (like good  sandwich meat or something) and then we can't get it. My Auntie Tessa is going to Costco for us today so that’s pretty cool.

Right now only my older brother Micah has tested positive for COVID, but this means we have to be extra careful that we don’t get it, or especially Markus. We have not been able to see Markus as much because he is living in my Opa and Oma’s trailer on the other side of the property. Markus was never in direct contact with Micah, so he’s still allowed to leave and see a few other people. 

We have to use a lot of hand sani, good thing we have a lot of it. The nurses said that the best is to be outside and social distance of course so we are pretty glad that it’s been a nice week for weather. Me and my little brother have been going on the tramp a lot, after online schoolwork is done of course. Besides all the COVID stuff Markus has been feeling well and is on the fourth round we are just hoping he does not get COVID because that would mess up his chemo treatments.

Tomorrow we are all getting tested to make sure none of us got it from Micah. I’m hoping we can do the gargle thing because I’m not looking forward to a thing stuck up my nose.

Watching the Canucks COVID-style!
Like I said, me and my brother have been on the tramp a lot. In case you're wondering, I landed this perfectly.
Thanks to Opa and Oma for letting Markus make this his home and stay safe!
My sister Sara tutoring Markus virtually this week.
One of my relatives gave Markus a gift basket. We found a way for him to still open one a day. 😊