A helicopter ride

Markus is going through three more rounds of chemotherapy to attack the new tumours in his lungs. Things went well with the first round, and we were enjoying the fact that Markus was not required to stay in the hospital for these treatments. He is also receiving radiation treatments every day at the BC Cancer Clinic.

As most people would already know, the flooding of Sumas Prairie this week is devastating for hundreds of families and farmers. We live just east of the prairie in the little town of Yarrow and as a result were feeling a little anxious about not being able to get Markus to his radiation treatments and other appointments ahead of the second round of chemo that was scheduled to start this week. The flooding situation was changing quickly and by Tuesday morning we were even evacuated from our home. Thankfully Henk and Erin (Jennifer’s sister) opened their home for us. In the meantime, it was becoming clear we would need to find a way to Vancouver with Markus.

Initially, we planned to get a boat ride through the flooded prairie but as things escalated it became more difficult for people to get into the flood zone. In the end, God provided something we weren’t expecting at all. Jennifer’s sister Charis put us in touch with a friend who works in search and rescue. She in turn connected us with a private helicopter pilot, and before long we were speaking to Brett about where to meet him for the trip over the flood zone. Someone on the other side kindly lent us their vehicle so Jennifer and Markus could get to the hospital from the Fort Langley airport. We are overwhelmed by the charity of others! What a relief to know that Markus is now on the right side of all this chaos where he needs to be to continue the treatments! Jennifer and Markus are now resting comfortably at Ronald McDonald House and the rest of us are back home in Yarrow after the evacuation order was lifted.

The flooding this week has once again reminded us of the smallness of people and the bigness of God. We are so small – only two days of rain and the entire southern half of BC is in complete disarray. We are so small – minuscule cancer cells in Markus’ body have the power to end his life at a young age. As we are humbled, whether through flooding or cancer, we experience his bigness in the form of grace, also as it flows on us through others. We have been on the receiving end of so much assistance, again this week. The selflessness we experienced through Brett’s charitable act is being replicated all around us as men and women work hard to save lives, animals, and property.

We thank God for his mercy. As he has provided for us this week, he will continue to provide the strength we need for each day.

The highway interchange we normally use to get to Vancouver