Praying for a Miracle

The river has changed direction again and it looks like rougher waters ahead. 

Earlier this week Markus was discharged after his 14th round of chemo. Just prior to leaving the hospital we met with Dr. Rassekh and his staff and he informed us that the recent CT scan is showing new tumour activity on Markus’ lungs. 

This means that between the last scans (at 3 months post diagnosis) and now, the cancer cells have mutated and are no longer being killed by the chemo drugs that Markus was taking. 

We know we need to accept whatever God’s plan is but it’s not easy. Yet, Dr. Rassekh assured us at that meeting that there appears to be a secondary option for treatment involving different chemotherapy drugs. He also told us that the plan for radiation had to be changed as they can’t radiate the lungs until they find a way to shrink the tumours. The only spot they are comfortable with radiating is the tumour on Markus’ lower back. 

This morning we were at the BC Cancer Agency for a PET scan and this was followed by a meeting at BC Children’s with Dr. Rassekh and his team. Yesterday he met with numerous other oncologists to discuss Markus’ case. He was very transparent with us that the situation is not good. They are going to proceed with three more rounds of chemo specifically targeting the lung tumours. There is a 50% chance this will work, but if it doesn’t there is not much more that can be done. 

He also shared with us the preliminary results of the PET scan and thankfully the tumours everywhere else are all quiet. 

We hoped to receive better news this week. We hoped that the chemo had successfully eliminated the cancer in Markus’ body. This kind of hope is a desire or wish; there is no guarantee of it becoming reality. The events of this week have reminded us again of true hope; hope in the Lord. 

The Bible says that, “We hope for what we do not see, we wait for it with patience.” (Romans 8:25) and, “Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for he who promised is faithful.” (Hebrews 10:23) 

Our God, Markus’ God, is reliable and trustworthy. Oh yes, we are hoping that this new plan of action will be successful. We pray for that earnestly! Please join us in that! But, we know that God’s ways are not always our ways and that putting our hope in medicine or doctors is never certain. While recognizing that gifted men and women are doing everything they can to prolong Markus’ life, our ultimate hope is not in them. We are learning to more and more put our hope in the God of our salvation, the one who saves us from our sins. What a great comfort it is to know that eternal life awaits all who put their trust in him!

Come what may we continue to rest in the arms of Jesus. 

Thank you for praying for us, for encouraging us with your words, and for just being there with us as we walk this hard road.