Everything in hand

Writing this blog is Markus' little brother Kayden. Our family had a sort of meeting and I got voted to write a blog this whole time, so I will try my best to keep it up (with the help of my Dad). My sister Kaitlyn got voted to do all the crying for our family so don't have to do any of that, though I probably will. 😊

We have experienced some hard time through this, but like always we still have hope in the one true God. This whole time during Covid-19 in our living room we had a text that says, β€œIn this uncertain time remember our heavenly Father has his hand in everything and everything in hand.” Now we really have to believe that this is true. This week through all the craziness there has been some joy because the doctors have diagnosed the type of cancer so they can figure out how to treat it. The cancer is called Ewing's Sarcoma and is a pretty bad cancer to get. They think that the main spot that it started was in his shoulder and then spread to some other places in his body including his lungs and spine. The doctors got pretty serious when they saw the one in his back because it was pushing against his nerves and that is why he was feeling some pain in his leg.

I got to spend some time at the Ronald McDonald House with my Dad and little brother Aaron this weekend. Even Markus could join us to watch church so that was cool. Tomorrow he starts with chemo treatments and I pray that they will work to fight the cancer.